Toast POS Review 2023

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Toast POS Review 2023


Are you looking for a sleek, intuitive, and comprehensive POS system for your restaurant, bar, or cafe? The Toast Point of Sale (POS) system is among the best, particularly if you need extensive delivery and online ordering services and inventory and menu management.  Boston-based brand Toast is a powerful all-in-one POS system that focuses on meeting the needs of restaurants, cafes, bars, and other businesses in the food service industry.


Whether you operate a mom-and-pop coffee shop or multiple restaurant locations, Toast POS likely has a solution to meet your needs and preferences. Toast POS is a powerful and intuitive solution for all types of food service businesses, such as full-service fine dining establishments and quick-service restaurants, as well as cafes and bars.  If your restaurant provides table service, waiters can easily and quickly take orders and process payments right at the table leveraging Toast’s tablet devices. The seamless cloud-based software is easily accessible both online and offline. Toast POS provides a wide range of features and functionalities for your food-service business, including tableside ordering, automatic tipping options, online ordering and delivery tracking, and integrated credit card processing.  Toast POS differentiates itself from iOS-based competitors by deciding to run its platform on Android. This makes it cheaper and more versatile. However, is Toast's POS system right for your business? In this Toast point of sale review, we explore the answer and consider how this POS offering is different from the competition. This Toast POS review will take a close look at all the features, pricing, and customer support.

Toast POS - Setup

You may know that many POS systems take a plug-and-play approach. However, Toast’s powerful POS solution is best installed with help from the company’s representatives. After you sign the contract with the company, a Toast Onboarding Consultant will contact you to schedule a 30-minute kick-off call with you.  This call will include a comprehensive overview of the onboarding process as well as a timeline for implementing Toast POS into your business operations. While a self-install guide is available online, the company recommends that you don’t unbox the contents until you’re on the phone with a Toast implementer to install it.


  • Toast POS offers an excellent variety of restaurant-grade hardware options to run every facet of your restaurant.
  • There’s no commission or charge for using the system’s online ordering features.
  • You may use the Toast POS to control and manage ordering flow during peak times with convenient, dynamic order throttling.
  • The cloud-based software is simple to use and implement.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Financing programs are available


  • Additional costs for features and add-ons
  • Toast POS system does not integrate with third-party payment processors.

Toast POS: Features and Benefits

Toast’s POS system is comprehensive and secure and has an impressive list of features, such as tableside ordering, aimed at making things simpler and more convenient for restaurant staff and management.

Customer-facing Screens

This key feature allows you to gather more information while helping guests and patrons to complete transactions, give feedback, and join loyalty programs.  Customers don’t have to enroll in plastic card-based plans since these are already included in the digital checkout tool, which boosts the number of sign-ups.

Tableside Ordering

An increasingly desirable and popular option, tableside ordering is quick and convenient with Toast Order & Pay and allows your servers and staff to enter the orders and send them to the kitchen straight from a customer’s table. This feature lowers order errors and enhances the speed of service.  This service allows guests who prefer in-person dining to easily place new orders and then pay for their food using their mobile devices.  Customers can access the menu, and modify their order while seated at a restaurant table. Your servers no longer have to write down orders and return to a workstation to enter them. Also, it is simple to split checks, swipe cards, and email or text receipts. 

Menu Management

Toast POS allows you to update and manage your online menu from anywhere. Restaurants can create and manage their menu items easily. Changes to the menu can be made in real time and can be synced across all devices.  You can also edit an item’s availability, include promotions, and add countdowns for upcoming menu items.

Online Ordering

The vendor provides online ordering facility for only $50 per month, which is more affordable than other services that charge 10% to 15% of the transaction value. With Toast's online ordering platform, clients can place orders for pickup or delivery directly from your restaurant's website. This means that there is no need to reenter data into the POS. 

Inventory Management

Toast POS’ real-time inventory management module helps monitor food inventory, units and prices, and suppliers from your computer or mobile device.  You can know which ingredients and supplies are urgently required and the ones that you can delay. This capability allows you to reorder items as needed in order to replenish stock. 

Employee Management

Toast POS system also allows you to set access level restrictions for employees. Toast POS allows restaurants to manage employee schedules, track hours worked, and monitor performance.  You can give different access rights to your employees. The POS system allows you to adjust the reports depending on the roles. The system also enables employees to clock in and out and view their schedules.

Delivery Management

If your restaurant or cafe offers delivery, you can also customize your services by setting delivery zones and customizing delivery fees based on distance. You can also set delivery times and assign orders to specific drivers and track orders from initial order submission to delivery.

Solid Training Materials

POS systems usually have a steep learning curve. You will be pleased to know that Toast POS makes things more manageable and simpler with its training materials, including demos and video tutorials. The platform also features an extensive knowledge base for easy and quick troubleshooting and other system info. 

Equipment and Hardware

You can purchase different hardware depending on your unique needs and preferences. Toast provides options for printers, tablets, stands, and accessories, including cash drawers, scales, scanners, and customer-facing pole displays.  You will find wireless and stationary models. However, as Toast POS runs on Android platforms, you won’t be able to use it with an Apple iPad. 

Toast Flex

Optimized for ease of use and speed, Toast Flex is the server’s main touchscreen to enter orders. It is 14 inches and can easily swivel to face customers. You will find everything that you need to start taking and managing contactless transactions and keyed-in transactions with ease. There is a handy and compact card reader on the side to accept payments. 

Toast Flex for Kitchen

This valuable kitchen display system connects front-of-house and kitchen staff so that they can deliver tasty meals to guests. Toast Flex for Kitchen integrates with the Toast Go 2. The device is durable enough to survive harsh kitchen environments, including spills and high heat.

Toast Go 2

The Toast Go 2 is a hand-held device designed to help your staff provide a full POS experience at the tableside. The device offers more capabilities, such as receiving customer payments. Your servers can split checks and perform various other billing-related tasks on this device. 

Toast Kiosk

This is a convenient self-service kiosk for customers. Guests have a large display to see menu items and easily order from the touchscreen. 

Pricing and Plans

Regardless of the type or size of restaurant or cafe you run, Toast POS offers flexible and customizable POS packages to meet your needs and requirements. There is a monthly software subscription, optional hardware installation and costs, and add-on features to choose from. You will appreciate Toast for its free Starter plan, which is not something most competitors offer.  The company also offers the Essentials plan (starts at $165 a month), and the New Restaurant Basics plan (starts at $110 a month, and $4 per employee per month). You can also choose a custom plan based on the services and features you need. These services and features are beneficial to most restaurants, bars, and cafes, but they cost extra:
  • Additional hardware
  • Order & Pay at the Table
  • Payroll and team management
  • Delivery services
  • Team communication and scheduling 
  • Marketing, loyalty features, and gift cards
  • Partner integrations

Starter Kit

This plan is perfect for single-location restaurants and cafes that need only one or two terminals to get going and comes with the basic hardware small restaurants and bars need to take orders, run operations, and accept payments.


This plan starts comes with menu management, reporting, and table management features. You will get access to delivery services and the valuable Toast TakeOut app.  This plan is suitable for existing restaurants and cafes looking to branch out into e-commerce.

Integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Toast’s integrated CRM module lets you record your client’s contact details and order history. This allows you to see detailed information, including frequently ordered items and average check total. Toast POS offers all basic CRM features to meet your needs. These include email marketing, customer feedback, and custom loyalty programs. 

Toast POS Customer Support

It is difficult to fault the Toast POS system for its customer support. For example, you get managed installation and network configuration with all plans. While you’ve to pay extra for the technicians, it also means you can get started conveniently without any glitches.   Review of Toast POS shows that customer service is another highlight of the Toast POS system that delights a lot of customers. Each POS plan includes reliable 24/7 phone, webchat, and email customer support. The customer support personnel are responsive, courteous, patient, and professional while answering queries.

What Could be Improved

Android Operating System

Android is an intuitive, flexible, and simple-to-use software. However, many restaurants and cafes use iOS-based systems. This means that you will have to replace all your hardware to use Toast POS. 

Quote-Based Pricing Model Makes it Difficult to Compare

You should know that Toast’s payment processing fees are partially disclosed. Also, in some cases, fees are quote-based, varying from one customer to another.  This means extra work for prospective customers upfront. You must have a consultation with a Toast representative to receive an estimate.

Long-Term Contract

Note that the shortest contract term for the Toast POS system is two years. You will also incur a hefty fee for terminating the contract early. If you decide to jump ship, you will have to pay the software fees for the remaining contract term. 

Toast POS System – Is it Right for Your Business?

Toast is especially good for midsize-to-large restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and fast-casual dining venues. The system especially benefits restaurants and bars that want to accept orders in multiple ways, including on an app at home or at an in-store kiosk.  However, Toast POS isn't the best option for restaurants and cafes that aren't in a financial position to commit to a contract that lasts one year or longer. 

Final Thoughts

Toast POS provides restaurants, bars, cafes, and other businesses with a specialized POS system designed to meet their unique needs and requirements.  Although setup could be simpler, the company certainly goes above and beyond to help new customers become familiar with its systems. Toast POS system has many redeeming features, such as industry-leading hardware and software and excellent support.
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