QuickBooks Point of Sale is Discontinued

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QuickBooks Point of Sale is Discontinued

Over the years, Intuit has developed multiple programs to facilitate convenient financial assistance. It has released versions of proficient software and business management solutions to fuel productivity for its clients. QuickBooks is also one of the many renowned products of Intuit. It is widely acknowledged for bookkeeping and accounting solutions and is preferred by many small and medium-scale businesses. Anyhow, QuickBooks POS has been discontinued. Know more about it in this article. QuickBooks is a combination of mobile, desktop, and cloud-based solutions developed to help companies keep track of their accounts and manage their daily operations. Primarily, it is an accounting software that eliminates tedious data entry tasks while tracking your company’s expenses. You will have access to a secure platform to keep your financial information without figuring out the complexities of the software. Although QuickBooks specializes in offering bookkeeping and accounting services, its point-of-sale solutions are widely appreciated.

QuickBooks Point of Sale Discontinued

QuickBooks Desktop POS is a point-of-sale system released by Intuit over 20 years ago. Although its functionality is limiting for large enterprises wanting enhanced flexibility, this POS is highly recommended for small-scale retail stores. It facilitates standard payment processing solutions and is especially suitable for people already utilizing QuickBooks accounting services. With QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale, users can access inventory and customer management over a tabled-compatible POS and track each customer’s spending history to ensure a better shopping experience. However, it won’t be the case for too long. Because QuickBooks Point of Sale is discontinued.

What Happens Next?

Even though it has been a valuable asset to many businesses, the era of QuickBooks POS is coming to a dead end. After proclaiming the end of its 2020 Desktop version, Intuit has now decided to withdraw its POS services, stirring up a lot of confusion along the way. Repeatedly asked questions have surfaced on the internet as this declaration has made many users wonder what to do next. Should they look for an alternative? Has QuickBooks POS been discontinued already? What are their available options? What will happen when QuickBooks Point of Sale is discontinued? Will Intuit release a new POS? If you are new to QuickBooks and want to gain insight into this matter or are a loyal user concerned about the future of QuickBooks POS, we have all the answers for you. In this part of the article, we will discuss what to expect after QuickBooks has terminated its POS facilities and ponder over ways to protect your company from being negatively affected by this decision.

Why is QuickBooks POS Discontinued?

Why is QuickBooks POS Discontinued? Image source With QuickBooks POS, Intuit has helped many retailers manage their businesses and get their finances on track. However, the complexities of its platform have been tough to maintain, leading to the termination of the POS itself. Moreover, since all old versions of QuickBooks Desktop are on the verge of discontinuation, the POS (one of its products) is expected to expire one day or another. To sum it up, keeping QuickBooks point-of-sale services and maintaining its platform with consistent upgrades is no longer feasible for Intuit. Consequently, the company has decided to end the service altogether.

What Other Services are Being Terminated?

As per the official announcement on the website, QuickBooks Desktop POS (19.0) services will entirely shut down in October 2023. When a provider turns off a particular service, it generally means that every other connected service will also be terminated. With the QuickBooks Point of Sale coming to an end, users should say goodbye to the following QuickBooks services;
  • Vendor lookup service that allowed users to access a specific supplier’s transaction history and customize their record details without going through the entire list
  • QuickBooks gift card services
  • Integration with e-commerce platforms
  • Store exchange facility that enables users to transfer data between multiple outlets and headquarters
  • QuickBooks Desktop POS allowed users to sync the mobile app with the desktop version. This service will not be available after the QuickBooks Point of Sale is discontinued.
  • Live and other support services.
Although all these services are gradually sunsetting, they will not be accessible after the 3rd of October.

Will QuickBooks POS be Wiped Out Entirely?

Another thing that QuickBooks users have frequently inquired about is the future of its POS software. Some are expecting a new version on the way, while some are wondering if they could continue using their existing license. All of this has been clarified on the official website. Intuit has declared that after the 19.0 version is terminated, no new versions of QuickBooks Desktop POS will see the light of day. October 3rd will be the end of this service, and users will have to find an alternative.

Can I Continue Using the QuickBooks POS System?

Even though the existing QuickBooks users can keep Desktop Point of Sale Software, they would no longer access the support features. Since Intuit will not support the software program, there will not be any security updates. Consequently, maintaining the software and fixing any severe errors will be impossible, and your data will be vulnerable to threats. Moreover, all the connected facilities will be inaccessible. Using the POS without the additional features is impractical and not advised.

How will this Discontinuation Affect QuickBooks Users?

Current QuickBooks users will be incapable of purchasing new gift cards if QuickBooks Point of Sale is discontinued. The gift cards you have previously bought can only be redeemed manually. Buying user access on the current license will only be possible until the 3rd of October, and QuickBooks POS Payments will not be compatible with the POS software after the deadline. If you have already paid for the annual support plan, rest assured. Your money will be refunded for the unused time duration. The QuickBooks POS PIN pad is only compatible with the QuickBooks Desktop POS. After the termination, the PIN pad will not work with another POS system. Moreover, Users will need to find a new platform for e-commerce integration and utilize another store exchange method for data transfer. It should be noted that this is for existing users; new QuickBooks users will not be able to access QuickBooks Desktop POS.

What’s Next for QuickBooks POS Users?

If you have been relying on QuickBooks Desktop POS for its payment processing services, this news of termination must have caused discomfort. Even though several POS facilitators in the marketplace offer similar products, QuickBooks Desktop Financial Software is incompatible with most. Moreover, switching to another POS system may not be as seamless as you have anticipated. Keeping your data intact and not being forced to let go of some valuable services is a tricky part of transitioning from one POS to another. However, some reliable QuickBooks POS alternatives can save you the trouble of going through a drastic change. Intuit has also offered some fixes that you can consider. But before you make the final call, here are some factors that need careful evaluation;

Terms and Pricing

The first and foremost thing to consider while choosing a new POS system is the price. You must be thinking this is quite obvious. Who would forget to factor in the price tag? However, losing a reliable POS and having limited options may force you to take desperate measures. You might rush into making an ill-informed decision and choose a POS facilitator you can hardly afford. It is crucial to inquire about the cost of all offered services, add-on features, and integrations to ensure you will not be charged any hidden fees. Tech and live support charges also need to be analyzed.

User-Friendly Interface

Ease of use is another vital point to consider in any software, product, or facility you purchase. Even though most reliable companies focus on enhancing user experience in their designs, the POS system you chose may not have a consumer-friendly functionality. This will cause inconvenience and may not help you gain the extent of productivity you initially planned to achieve. An easy-to-navigate interface allows users to learn all its features instantly and get the best use out of them. Before signing an agreement and switching to a new POS facilitator, let your team see a demo and decide for themselves.

Compatibility and integration

QuickBooks is picky about third-party integrations and is not easily compatible with all software. If you are looking for a suitable Point of Sale system to sync with your QuickBooks account, you must ensure it integrates seamlessly with your financial software. A smooth integration allows all transactions to be streamlined and not get interrupted. Moreover, a readily compatible POS provider minimizes the need for manual data migration. It saves you a considerable amount of time and effort. Businesses with a shopping website need a POS system that easily syncs with their website to save time and unnecessary effort. It will increase customer satisfaction and eliminate workplace frustration.

Adequate Features

One of the most well-known yet significant things to consider while switching to a new POS system is its adequacy. QuickBooks Desktop POS offers a range of valuable payment solutions that are irreplaceable for most businesses. Choosing an alternative should not mean losing valued facilities. The POS system you consider should have the capacity to provide all the necessary reporting and analytics features to ensure that your business operations won’t go downhill after QuickBooks discontinues its POS.

Cloud-Based System

Finding a POS system that purveys convenient cloud-based solutions is crucial for running a successful store. A cloud-based POS will allow you to access your data and manage your business operations anytime on a smartphone. Users signing up for a traditional in-store POS system might end up losing the chance for scalability and growth.

Reliable Customer Support

Consumer support cannot be compromised when choosing a POS solutions facilitator. While a feature-rich POS system is the backbone of your business, reliable customer support is one of the root causes of making that POS good enough for any company. To guarantee stress-free business operations, look for a POS system with 24/7 customer support by its provider. This will save you a lot of headaches in the future.

QuickBooks POS Alternatives

Instead of wasting your time wondering, ‘What if QuickBooks Point of Sale is discontinued today?’ you should be vigilant in finalizing what you will do when that happens. Intuit has been working with Shopify for quite some time now. The idea behind this partnership is to provide users with a POS system that syncs with QuickBooks Financial Software without constraint. Shopify can be a good alternative once QuickBooks Desktop POS is unavailable. However, it can't be the best solution for all business types. Let’s discuss all the available options to help you understand what is better suited for your store.

Shopify POS Solutions

Shopify is a multi-national e-commerce platform most popular amongst independent retailers and small to mid-scale online businesses. Intuit has already released the integration of its software with Shopify’s POS Solutions. Shopify’s payment solutions are compatible with online and in-store sales. Users are offered a multi-channel selling platform with a modern interface and enhanced reporting tools. It is safe to say that with Shopify, you will get everything that you already have and more. QuickBooks users switching from its Desktop POS to Shopify are offered discounted deals and exclusive features to help them with a hassle-free transition. They are provided with free migration tools and 24/7 support. Shopify allows users to create a retail POS setup prepared to receive payments within seconds. You will gain access to a free online store with order, inventory, and sales management features. Another perk of choosing Shopify’s POS solutions is that you can create registers for all store locations without paying additional charges. Digital and physical gift cards are also available. If you decide to integrate QuickBooks Desktop with Shopify, feel free to consult a Shopify specialist to understand the process. Here are some vital points to know about migrating from your QuickBooks POS to Shopify POS;
  • Even though you can transfer vendor, product, and customer lists, transactional data cannot be exported to Shopify. It is crucial to decide the best timing for the transfer.
  • QuickBooks POS cash drawer works seamlessly with Shopify. However, users will have to purchase any other necessary hardware from Shopify.
If you already use QuickBooks POS and Shopify’s e-commerce store, there is no need to change anything. If anything, the transition will be easier for you. You can avail of the promotional offer accessible to all QuickBooks users and purchase the Shopify POS Pro.

Other Alternatives

Shopify’s payment solutions are personalized to integrate with your QuickBooks Desktop version. Even though it is best to choose it as your next POS system, it is not a compulsion. You can pick any other POS that suits your requirements. Here are some other QuickBooks POS alternatives you should look into;

Square POS System

Square offers a robust POS system designed for most business types. It accommodates active fraud protection features and personalized hardware options. The Connect to Square app allows users to sync their data and get a detailed overview of how your company is performing. Users already using Square are offered 50% off for three months with seamless integration tools to help them get started. Depending on your preferences, you can continue using QuickBooks’ accounting services and integrate with Square for its payment processing solutions. Square POS also offers tools to connect your data.

Clover POS System

Clover has one of the most widely recognized and commonly used POS systems with a range of apps and tools to streamline your business operations. It can be synced conveniently with popular accounting platforms, one of them being QuickBooks. Clover’s POS apps are stacked with payment registers and customer management features. It offers the option to build a personalized POS system based on your unique needs. Users can choose from a set of hardware, accessories, and payment plans to get the best out of the Clover POS system. QuickBooks Financial Software, mixed with the right devices from Clover, can maximize your business productivity.

Retail Pro

The Retail Pro POS is another dependable QuickBooks POS alternative. It offers real-time reporting across multiple sales networks and specializes in maximizing sales for most business types. Users can unify inventory and integrate with popular online marketplaces. Seamless integration with QuickBooks and Shopify is also available. The Retail Pro POS offers online training for your staff and free access to software updates. Its compatibility with desktop and mobile (Apple, Android, and Windows) enables users to save on expensive hardware and focus on upselling efficiently.

Final Thoughts

An efficient Point of Sale system is the core of all operations for most businesses. Especially if you are running a retail store, a good POS can handle major tasks and run seamless payment processing for you. It can encourage customer convenience, giving you a chance to bond with your customers. The discontinuance of QuickBooks Desktop POS is inevitable; it cannot be avoided, and neither can it be ignored. Even if you continue using it, the POS will be useless without the necessary support and software updates. That being said, some impressive POS providers in the marketplace can easily replace the QuickBooks POS.        
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