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Find your business zen today and upgrade to a state of the art system capable of streamlining all of your business operations.

IT Expertise

Integration specialists handle your onboarding and setup process to ensure a flawless delivery of your point of sale system.

Dedicated IT Support

We offer IT support for any questions or urgent needs you may have. Call us for immediate U.S based technical support, whenever you need it.

Custom Requests

Need something specific? Get in touch with us to explain your needs and let us put together a solution that leaves you feeling confident and comfortable.

“A system that I will continue to use year after year” – Ryan German – CEO Caffe Gelato

About Us

Meet Bonsai Point of Sale!

Bonsai Point of Sale was created to offer high functionality sales systems without the heavy price tag. With Bonsai you get tools from online ordering to realtime mobile business analytics on your phone. Updates are free and automatic, keeping you on the cutting edge of functionality and security.

We believe the two most important factors, besides having a great product, are fair pricing and fantastic customer service. Our success is attributed to our high standards, not our high price tags. We put forth 110% to make sure each and every merchant is happy and has the tools they need to succeed.

Every Bonsai system is shipped, customized, and preloaded for you. This makes setup a breeze! Don’t worry about the learning curves with a new system. Bonsai is simple, intuitive, and comes with onboarding training. For as little as $69/month you can upgrade to the newest future-proof point of sale system.

Our Services

Why Everybody Loves Bonsai

A system that has proven itself, time and time again.

Modern Functionality

Rest easy knowing that our system is updated with the newest payment technology. Enable loyalty programs to retain your customers and send texts and emails, straight from the POS.


Work with the cloud, not in the cloud. Bonsai utilizes our high security encryption to back up your data to the cloud. If the internet goes out, Bonsai still functions. If you have multiple locations, your data is in one safe place, and accessible from anywhere.

All Payments

Bonsai systems have the ability to accept all electronic payments from EMV chip cards to Apple Pay and everything in between. Give your customers the latest in payment options.

Real-Time Analytics

Imagine, you are on a trip. How’s your business doing today? You pick up your phone and can see everything going on from daily sales, to seated tables (restaurant), who’s clocked in, and much more! What could be better? It’s free.

Fast Setup

Bonsai arrives customized and preloaded making setup a breeze. Don’t worry about learning curves, Bonsai is intuitive and beautifully designed for ease of use. Training is included, and we are always a ring away if you need anything!

What Client Say About Us

Henley Burch Entrepreneur

“Bonsai has helped me simplify and enhance my business operations all at the same time. The system was easy to set up and I had no problems training my staff.”

Marianna Dudley co-founder HCM

“Setting up a system to accept online appointments has never been easier. My customers can book appointments, or walk in, and my system can handle it all.”

Abbi Finnegan CEO, A Startup

“I opened my coffee shop a few months back and didn’t know what system to choose. I am so happy that I went with Bonsai - they are easy to work with, friendly and help me with any problem that arises.”

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Working hard to earn our customers’ trust.

App overload is real.

7 out of 10 workers waste upward of 60 minutes a day bouncing
between different apps within their business.

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Please let us know if you have any questions regarding Bonsai Point-of-Sale and its functionality!

Perfect Solutions For Your Business

Whether you have a restaurant, retail store, auto shop, or offer a variety of professional services, Bonsai POS can help your business grow. Streamline your inventory management, track your employees, and create an interactive purchasing and booking experience for your customers.

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