Your all-in-one Retail POS system

Find your business zen today and upgrade to a state of the art system capable of streamlining all of your business operations.

A System Designed To Streamline Your Store

Bonsai gives you the power to run your shop, manage your inventory, and operate your staff through one easy to use system. 

Track Sales Trends

Always know what’s happening in your store. Keep track of your frequent visitors, who your top spenders are, and what your revenue looks like day-by-day.

Schedule Staff

Build your employee schedules direct from the Dashboard. Employees can clock in and out right on the POS and with the push of a button have their schedules sent to them via text message or email. 

Manage Your Inventory

Keep track of all of your SKU’s, product variants, and their unique attributes. Ensure that you never run out of stock for all of your products.

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Add an Online Store to your Existing Business

Easily launch an ecommerce function that can be linked to your current website. List all of your products, or only what you want to display online. The choice is yours.

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Build Real Customer Relationships

Bonsai lets you track your customers and reward them based on spending habits. Our Loyalty Programs enable you to gift your frequent shoppers based on their devotion to your shop.

Marketing Functionality

Send direct text messages and emails to your customers for seasonal promotions, for taking specific actions, or just as a thank you! All done directly through the Dashboard.

Streamline Your Inventory Management

Send Email and SMS Notifications

Enable a Variety of Loyalty Programs

Manage Your Employees Scheduling