Till Management

Bonsai POS gives you the ability to take control of every day in your location, and that starts with setting your till first thing in the morning. Accurately track and pull reports on every transaction that gets processed through your system. 

  • View till transactions, and generate and print end-of-the-day reports.
  • Ability to adjust and settle tips on your register.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management is always a challenge and can be very time-consuming. Bonsai POS allows you to take tedious tasks and streamline your processes. Our system gives you the ability to pull inventory reports, see how often your products are sold to determine if you should be purchasing more. Managing your inventory and keeping your supply up to date is extremely simple

  • Synced inventory database for sales made online on your eCommerce page or in-person at your store location.
  • Always know precisely when stock levels are running low, and it is time to place re-orders with low inventory alerts.

Employee Time and Attendance​

Bonsai POS gives you the ability to track and manage your time and attendance very easily. With the push of a button you can review your employee’s hours, make schedule changes in minutes, and update multiple locations with the use of cloud sync functionality. Keeping everything up to date and in one place can help you run more efficiently. 

  • Employees easily clock in and out directly on the iPad with a unique PIN.
  • View previous, past, and future schedules and hours worked when clocking in and out.

Cash Discounting Program

Bonsai POS offers a strong cash discounting program. This program allows you to offer your customers a discounted price if they choose to pay with cash as opposed to a credit card. 

  • Automatically apply a cash discount percentage or amount to be calculated and added upon checkout.
  • You can leverage to attract new customers by offering cash discounting programs.
  • Save money on payment processing fees.

Data Analytics and Reporting

Bonsai POS can help you focus on the bigger picture, and help you start working on your business rather than in your business. Reporting is the best way to see hard numbers and can give you some direction on what decision to make. Our robust reporting system is built to empower business growth. 

  • Get company performance reports as it is happening in real-time.
  • Increase sales with reports on frequent visitors, better sales insights, and top spenders

Cloud Sync & Multi-Location Capability

Our system allows you to manage multiple locations with the use of Cloud Sync technology. In order to ensure all your systems are up to date with the latest information, you can sync all of your devices directly from the interface. Never worry about conflicting information again. 

  • Access your company’s data from anywhere, at any time.
  • Keep your data consistent across your entire business.

Table Layout Capabilities (specific to restaurant)

Bonsai POS allows you to design your location exactly and set up your table layout how you see it. Easily change the design if you decide to rearrange, take away, or add tables. 

  • Set up your bar and dining rooms easily 
  • Create loyalty programs to strengthen your relationship with your patrons. 

Customer Management System

Our system allows you to upload and manage your customers extremely easily. BonsaiPOS allows you to see which customers are your frequent visitors, which are spending the most and what they are purchasing, and who are your top spenders. 

  • Access customer information from your phone or computer
  • Create loyalty programs to strengthen your relationship with your patrons.

Email/SMS Marketing Campaign Capability

Communicating to your customers on a frequent basis is extremely important and Bonsai POS gives you the ability to do just that. Send your customers emails and text messages with easy campaign setup. 

  • Segment your customers into different groups and choose who you are sending outreach to! 

Invoicing and Recurring Subscription Capabilities

Expand your ability to charge customers. Bonsai POS not only allows you to charge your customers a single time at the point of purchase, but it also allows you to send invoices and set up recurring billing