6 Best Mobile POS Systems For 2023

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6 Best Mobile POS Systems For 2023


In the past, a simple cash register was all a small business needed to ring up customers and accept payments. However, things have changed. Today, businesses need a much more robust system to accept payments, manage inventory, track sales, and generate reports. Did you know that the right mobile POS system can easily handle all of that for your business? Mobile technology has made it easier for businesses to implement mobile POS systems to accept payments and run operations on the go. Mobile POS systems offer added flexibility to businesses and entrepreneurs. However, it is essential to know which POS provider offers the best bang for your buck and meets the needs of your own business. Contrary to what you may have heard, mobile systems pack solid functionalities and features. Like other POS systems, businesses can use mobile point-of-sale systems to manage customer data, inventory, and transactions from a smart mobile device. Mobile-based POS systems are at the forefront to help small businesses run operations on the go. With a mobile POS system, small businesses can run and review operations from anywhere. 

Six Best Mobile POS Systems of 2023

Let’s break down the six best mobile POS systems of 2023 and shed light on what makes each of these unique: 

Bonsai POS

Bonsai POS is an ideal solution for small businesses and freelancers that want to use a flexible tool to manage employees and prepare taxes on the go. Bonsai is a compact POS system that businesses can get at an affordable price. With Bonsai, you can automate repetitive manual elements and optimize work productivity. If you’re looking for a smart mobile point-of-sale system to run freelance or small-scale business operations, you’ll find Bonsai perfect. Bonsai features a simple and intuitive user interface that makes it easier to manage contracts, proposals, and manage time. With a few clicks, you’d be surprised how effectively you can manage your business operations from a mobile POS system like Bonsai. 


  • Impressive customer support
  • Easy to navigate and use
  • Essential mobile POS features
  • Make real-time operational changes
  • Sync data across operations
  • Maintain safe and secure data
  • More than one payment option
  • Quick set up


  • Lack of integrations
  • Limited features
With Bonsai mobile POS system, you can streamline operations like a comprehensive point-of-sale system. Bonsai also comes with incredible mobile POS system functionalities. And the best part is that you don’t have to pay a ridiculously high price to implement Bonsai POS. You can tap into Bonsai’s features like mobile analytics and custom online ordering through a tablet or mobile device. Bonsai POS allows business users to make personalized choices and then use features to meet their specific business needs.  Check out more information about Bonsai POS and how can it transform your mobile business operations.

Shopify POS

If you want a mobile POS system to run your eCommerce operations, you’ll find Shopify one of the best solutions available in the market right now. You can integrate Shopify mobile POS system for online shopping. You can also integrate mobile Shopify POS with an in-house POS system to process transactions.


  • Integrate online payments 
  • Solid online store management
  • Features online and website store 
  • Seamlessly run offline operations
  • Supports multi-task management


  • Hardware costs money
  • Requires additional charge to process a transaction without Shopify POS 
If you run an eCommerce store or planning to start one, the Shopify POS system is an excellent choice. Shopify POS supports online stores on all plans and makes it straightforward to manage operations via a mobile app. Also, you’ll find integrated and automated online payments on Shopify POS.  The added features of mobile Shopify POS include CRM, loyalty programs, and inventory management.  But to tap into these features, you’ll need to pay extra. While Shopify is an expensive POS system, it offers low transaction fees and discounts on product processing and shipping. You can opt for a Shopify POS plan that costs $29 per month or get a more expensive Shopify POS plan that costs $299 a month. No matter what plan you get, you’ll need to cover $49 hardware costs to get a card reader.

Clover POS

If you don’t want to compromise on hardware options, you’ll find the Clover POS system perfect. Today, retailers, restaurants, and businesses with small footprint use Clover to manage daily operations. Whether you want to access top-tier hardware or process multiple payments offline, Clover makes up an incredible mobile point-of-sale system.


  • Integration with multiple payment systems
  • Take care of payments offline 
  • Hardware support even on affordable plans
  • Customizable and team management


  • Depending on third-party resellers, contracts may be different. 
  • Hardware needs to integrate with a merchant account
Clover's point-of-sale system is ideal for fast-service dining, complete-service dining, personalized services, and retail shops. You can get a standard, advanced, or starter plan. But understand that an advanced plan is comprehensive and expensive. In any case, you can expect the hardware bundles in all plans and pair together suitable smart devices to process in-house transactions. Similarly, you can process mobile payments through the Flex and the Go options. 

Square POS

If you’re tight on budget and looking for the most valued and cost-effective mobile POS system, Square should be on your consideration list. Small businesses love to use Square POS because it is easy to use and is available at a lower price point than most point-of-sale systems.


  • Flat rate processing
  • Diverse hardware options
  • Free app for smart tablets and phones
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Many integration options


  • Expensive for businesses with large-scale operations
  • Lack of security features
You can download the free iOS or Android mobile app to get started with Square POS. So, if you run a small coffee shop, you’ll find all you need in Square to run day-to-day business operations. Square was one of the first mobile point-of-sale systems. For years, Square POS has managed to maintain its functionalities and features that small businesses find crucial to run successful business operations. One of the best aspects of the Square POS system is that it has integrated payment processing, which cuts out the need to look for a merchant service provider.  Square offers flat-rate processing per transaction. 
  • Online payments – 2.9% + 30 cents
  • In-person payments – 2.6% + 10 cents
  • Manual key payments – 3.5% + 15 cents


The Toast POS system is designed for small and mid-range restaurants and bars. Toast features simple menu management, a kitchen display system, and restaurant-focused hardware. Whether you run a food truck or a mid-ran restaurant, you can use Toast to run smooth operations.  


  • Features restaurant-level kitchen hardware
  • Comes with handheld equipment for off-site use
  • Supports contactless payments and ordering 


  • Requires long-term contractual commitment 
  • Works solely on Android devices
  • It doesn’t support iOS devices
Toast POS system is easy to use and allows restaurant managers and owners to leverage its round-the-clock customer support to address potential bugs. Toast plans start from $75 a month and move up to $272 a month with hardware and software packages. Toast is ideal for restaurants that want to integrate payments and orderings in a single system and don’t mind getting multiple plans. 


Lightspeed is designed to service and support retail operations. Lightspeed comes with mobile-specific point-of-sale system features. But even as a mobile POS system, Lightspeed features advanced inventory management for retail businesses.


  • Retail businesses can make many customizations 
  • Features simplified and centralized inventory management
  • Process payments without an MSP 
  • Clock-based employee management
  • Allows businesses to use a smart tablet to accelerate operations


  • Only supports iOS smart devices
  • Pricy monthly payments
Lightspeed is one of the most straightforward mobile POS systems. The best quality of Lightspeed is that it allows you to process payments without getting a merchant service provider. Since Lightspeed supports a lot of customization, you can process a lot of transactions, implement loyalty programs, and manage added inventory easily. Unlike most POS systems, all Lightspeed plans support advanced inventory management. It allows users to check information about each item in their inventory. IT can include purchase and stock orders and vendor information. While Lightspeed doesn’t have an Android app, you can access it from your iPad or iPhone. Lightspeed has flexible pricing and allows small businesses to get more accessibility and tap into lower processing rates for a lot of sales. Lightspeed’s flat payment rate ranges from 2.9% and $2.6 to process the transaction online and in-house. 

Final Thoughts

Recently, mobile POS systems have incredibly popular. After all, all businesses need to make mobile POS system work is an internet connection and a dedicated card reader. It means you can use an iPad or iPhone to manage and track entire small-scale business operations. Once you implement a POS system, it cuts out the need to be at the storefront all the time. Most importantly, it allows business owners and managers to run business operations without the usual strings attached. Whether you’re looking to upgrade or start new business operations, you’ll find mobile POS systems reliable, robust, and affordable.
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