7 Best Grocery Store POS Systems to Boost Sales In 2023

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7 Best Grocery Store POS Systems to Boost Sales In 2023


Today, grocery stores need state-of-the-art software and the best hardware in their point-of-sale systems. Grocery stores prioritize features like scanner integration, self-checkout, tracking expiration dates, and managing online grocery sales. Something to consider is that if you want a POS system for your grocery store with advanced features, you’ll likely have a higher cost associated with the systems.  Here’s the thing – the dynamics around modern POS systems are changing for the better. Point-of-sale systems have become more affordable, compact, and reliable. There are many different POS options for every industry that fits the needs of your business the best.  Now, if you find it overwhelming to choose from the many options for your grocery store POS, check out the following list of the seven best POS systems suitable for grocers and other independent food markets:

Bonsai POS

Whether you run a simple and small grocery store or a complex high-scale grocery store, you can use Bonsai POS to streamline your operations. If you’ve just started a grocery store, you’ll find the Bonsai POS system easier to navigate and learn than other POS systems. Small and mid-range grocery stores can use Bonsai to tap into mobile business analytics. Grocery stores can pair online ordering with a smart tablet or mobile phone. Many grocery stores process that built-in features of the Bonsai point of sale system meet their specific needs. If you don’t want to deal with POS systems that take a long time to learn and master, then you can use the Bonsai system. It involves a shorter learning curve than most POS systems targeted to retailers and grocers. Bonsai POS has become a standard choice among many grocers that want to get the familiarity out of the way quickly and run centralized and efficient grocery store operations. 


  • Quick and easy set-up
  • Multiple payment options
  • Synchronize operational data in minutes
  • Excellent customer support 
  • Highly useful POS features


  • Limited features
  • Not enough integration options

POS Nation

If you want to grow your independent and small grocery store, you'll find POS Nation one of the best options. It is designed to help independent grocers manage operations and drive growth. POS Nation is a highly tech-centric POS system – it works around cloud-based technology and provides scalable features. Grocers and other players in the small markets can use POS Nation to expand operations and plan out elements that can improve grocery store point-of-sale operations. With a $149 price point, POS Nation features compact and pre-built features. You can also customize subscriptions to check out more plans.  In hindsight, POS Nation is an all-around solid point-of-sale system for grocery stores. POS Nation is incredibly user-friendly and allows you to maintain a competitive edge. While it may be pricey, POS Nation supports self-sustainable kiosks. Using POS Nation, you can track accurate expiration dates. 


  • Options to pay monthly upfront costs
  • Features ID scans and bottle deposits 
  • Features multiple payment processing options
  • It doesn’t force grocers to make a long-term contractual commitment 


  • The inventory doesn’t feature tracking tools 
  • It doesn’t feature self-checkout for customers

IT Retail

IT retail is designed to work for grocers and independent markets. It is a simplified POS system that makes navigation effortless. However, you might get annoyed by IT Retail’s add-ons to support multi-scale integration, marketing tools, loyalty programs, and deposit management. IT Retail features standard and hardware point-of-sale functions. The pricing of this point-of-sale system may be a bit more for your budget. But the pre-built and dedicated POS system, like IT Retail, easily stands out.


  • Layered pricing
  • Features multiple integrations
  • Supports a variety of grocery store POS operations
  • Features ID scans and bottled deposits


  • Features locked-in payment processes 
  • Can be a comprehensive POS solution for some grocers

ECRS Catapult

ECRS Catapult doesn't feature self-checkout options. So, if you don't want to compromise on self-checkout, opt for ECRS Catapult. One of the highlights of ECRS Catapult is that it features built-in features and components. With ECRS Catapult, you can perfect your retail management. ESCR Catapult is ideal for complex and large market players heavily dependent on third-party integrations and built-in features. If you're low on staff, you can implement ECRS Catapult to meet increasing customer demands.   ECRS Catapult features all the essential grocery functions. Unlike most POS systems, you'll need to get a custom quote based on your hardware, payment processing, and software needs. You probably should check out affordable options if you run a small grocery store. And that's because grocers often find that ECRS Catapult comes with many nuts and bolts for a small grocery store.  


  • Diverse hardware options
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Comes with a built-in dedicated online store 
  • Impressive vendor management and inventory management features


  • VPN connect to unlock cloud access
  • Time-consuming custom-quoted pricing


If you’re looking for a cloud-based POS system that runs on the Windows operating system, Comcash deserves your attention. Comcash point-of-sale system is compatible with smart tables. You can expect highly granular and refined features from Comcash that caters to grocers with high-volume transactions.  It also features standard features like tracking expiration dates, ID scanning, and deposit processing. Apart from affordable hardware and basic functionalities, Comcash offers 24/7 customer service. 


  • Extensive built-in forecasting tools
  • Render receipts in multiple options
  • Works on Windows hardware


  • 24/7 customer support
  • Locked-in payment processing 


If you want to implement a POS system with flawless online ordering, Shift4Shop warrants your attention. Shify4Shop offers impressive built-in POS features for grocery stores. It is ideal for grocers who want to move their operations online. You can leverage Shift4Shop's features, like split payments, single-page fast checkout, custom template, and online store builder. Shift4Shop also supports fractional orders, tracking deliveries, and in-store timed pickup. Using Shift4Shop, you can integrate some of the most valuable third-party services. Shift4Shop also offers discounts, gift certificates, and coupons.  You can also make inventory categorization easier using Shift4Shop. Additionally, Shift4Shop features email marketing, back-in-stock notifications, and item bundling. It is up to grocers how they use integrated features to support online and in-person needs.  You can also pair the Shift4Shop with a robust POS system. You can tap into Shif4Shop to create an attractive site and streamline the ordering system for pickup. With Shift4Shop, you can leverage online deals and roll out email marketing strategies.  


  • Extensive features
  • Solid online and website-based ordering features
  • An impressive integration of third-party services 


  • Not compatible with some grocery stores
  • Lackluster and confusing payment options across different plans 


Square is one of the most diverse POS systems you can get for your grocery store. Whether you’re independent, small, or operate in other markets, Square is compatible all the same. Square continues to gain momentum in the retail space, where grocers need an advanced cloud POS system to view, run, and optimize operations from iPads. You don’t have to buy a brand-new iPad. Instead, you can use your iPads to run grocery and retail operations via Square. Square covers basic features and functionalities. It is also available for an integrated free online store. If you operate in a small market with a small budget, Square will become a highly expensive option. Square features tracking expiration dates, but outsourcing a third-party inventory and integrated kiosks requires outsourcing.  


  • Features integrated and free online store
  • Usable on current hardware
  • It doesn’t require extended contracts


  • Features just one payment processor
  • It doesn’t offer 24/7 customer service for users without any plan
  • Inaccurate age verification built-in tools

Final Thoughts

POS system is crucial to run any grocery store, and you’ll have to be specific about your criteria to make the right call. Opt for a POS system that fits perfectly with your grocery store. In hindsight, prioritize a POS system that seamlessly accepts grocery transactions in various forms. The POS system you want to get should also be able to scan barcodes, manage customer rewards, and process returns.
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