Top Alternatives To Square and Square POS

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Top Alternatives To Square and Square POS

Square and Square POS have become popular payment processing and point-of-sale solutions, but they are not the only options available for businesses. While Square and Square POS works well for some, they lack certain features or charge fees that make them less ideal for other types of operations. There are several compelling alternatives to Square and Square POS with different capabilities, interfaces, and pricing structures tailored to diverse business needs. Whether you own a small local shop, restaurant, bar, or another establishment, these POS systems provide an easy yet robust solution to manage sales, inventory, employees, and more without sacrificing functionality or budget. Though Square and Square POS dominate the market, discerning businesses will find advantages in evaluating other purpose-built POS providers. By exploring alternatives, you can ensure you choose a POS system that streamlines your business in a way that feels intuitive while supporting your long-term goals. The right POS for your operation may not necessarily be the most well-known or popular choice. When it comes time to select a payment and point-of-sale solution, keep an open and objective perspective. Don't feel pressured into settling for anything less than a POS partner that fully enables your business's requirements while staying within your means. There are POS options beyond Square and Square POS waiting to serve as a foundational tool for your business's success.

Top Alternatives To Square and Square POS

#1 Bonsai

Bonsai Bonsai is designed specifically for small local businesses looking for an easy yet capable POS system without the high costs and complexities of larger solutions. It has a simple and stylish design interface that is tailored for intuitive ease of use, delivering advanced features at an affordable price point. Bonsai offers next-day settlement for funds, monthly pricing plans starting at just $69 per month, and dedicated 24/7 customer support guiding you through implementation and ongoing use. It effortlessly integrates with popular payment providers like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover for accepting all major credit cards, debit cards, cash, checks, and more. Bonsai also has useful tools for inventory management, employee management, detailed reporting, customer management, and sales analytics to gain key business insights to optimize operations. Despite its focus on ease of use and affordability, Bonsai provides the features and functionality required to run a successful storefront business. This includes inventory counts, purchase orders, vendor management, product variations, recipes and menu management for restaurants, employee management for staffing schedules, and sales reporting for data-driven decisions. Yet the straightforward interface remains simple to navigate even with all these robust capabilities, leveling complexity without compromising power. Bonsai aims to eliminate the hassle and expense of technology so you can focus on running your business. They handle software and hardware setup, integration with third-party service providers, and ongoing updates so everything continues running seamlessly, easily adapting to your evolving needs. This "set it and forget it" approach makes Bonsai an easy yet compelling alternative to larger, more expensive POS systems. For small local stores, restaurants, cafes, and other micro businesses looking for an affordable yet sophisticated POS system, Bonsai is an excellent solution. It delivers the functionality and insights demanded while also providing the simplicity and affordability desired with an intuitive yet flexible platform tailored to your business. Bonsai could be the streamlined yet effective POS partner your business has been searching for at a price that actually makes sense.

#2 Lightspeed

Lightspeed  Lightspeed is a popular POS system used by over 100,000 businesses worldwide including retailers, restaurants, gyms, salons, and more. It offers an easy-to-use interface with essential features for managing any business operation. This includes item management, sales history, inventory counts, employee management, reporting, payments, and integrations. Lightspeed provides free software and hardware with subscription fees starting at $99/month for their basic plan including unlimited users and transactions. They offer a fast settlement (within 1-2 business days), 24/7 phone and email support, payment gateway integration (Visa, MC, Amex), and mobile apps for employees. Lightspeed also has more advanced plans with additional features like advanced reporting, loyalty programs, gift cards, and multi-store management. Some of the key benefits of Lightspeed include:
  • Affordable and scalable pricing: Starts free and grows with your business.
  • Simple and intuitive design: Easy to learn and use with little training required.
  • Completely integrated: Tight integration of software, hardware, and payment processing in one place.
  • Robust features: Supports all types of businesses with features like inventory, ordering, billing, reporting, and more.
  • Mobile accessibility: Access and manage your business on the go using mobile apps.
  • Future-ready: Continual updates to keep your POS system running optimally with the latest technology and features.
  • Partner ecosystem: Integrates with many third-party services popular with businesses like UPS, FedEx, QuickBooks, and Xero.
  • Industry expertise: Platforms tailored for specific verticals including restaurants, retailers, salons/spas, gyms, etc. with features suitable for each.
Overall, Lightspeed provides an easy, affordable, and robust POS system suitable for many types of businesses. Despite being designed for ease of use, it offers the depth of functionality required to run business operations with efficiency and success. For many companies, Lightspeed strikes an ideal balance of simplicity and sophistication.

#3 Harbortouch

Harbortouch  Harbortouch is a full-service restaurant POS system tailored for bars, nightclubs, lounges, pizza places, delis, and cafes. It has an easy-to-use interface with key features for managing front- and back-of-house operations. This includes table and bar management, menu management, ingredient management, sales and reporting, payroll, and more. Harbortouch offers affordable pricing plans starting at $49/month with no long-term contracts. They have hardware like touchscreen POS stations, cash registers, receipt printers, and label printers available for purchase. Some of the main benefits of Harbortouch include:
  • Purpose-built for restaurants: Designed specifically for bars, nightclubs, lounges, delis, cafes, and restaurants. Supports all aspects of food and beverage service.
  • Easy to use: Simple and intuitive interface that is easy to learn and navigate. Minimal training is required.
  • Scalable and affordable: Pricing starts low and grows with your business. No expensive software or hardware fees.
  • Mobile features: Take your business on the go with apps for managing tables, taking orders, processing payments, and more from anywhere.
  • Strong reporting: Gain insights into your operations, see what's selling, monitor staff performance, and make data-driven decisions. Reporting includes sales summaries, product reports, payment summaries, and more.
  • Inventory management: Track ingredients, menu items, food costs, and suppliers, and establish pars to optimize purchasing and reduce waste.
  • Payroll integration: Easily manage employee hours, pay, and tips, and generate pay stubs to keep your staff paid accurately and on time.
  • Customer loyalty: Build customer loyalty and engage regulars with features like gift cards, loyalty points, membership clubs, and email marketing.
  • Open API: The ability to easily integrate third-party apps and services to extend functionality.
  • 24/7 support: Dedicated support staff available day or night to help you with any issues using the platform.
Harbortouch aims to simplify the complex operations of restaurants with an easy and affordably priced POS solution. Their purpose-built software and hardware provide a robust yet intuitive platform for managing all aspects of your food and beverage business.


 features, interfaces, and pricing structures suited for diverse business needs. By evaluating options beyond the well-known providers, you can choose a POS system that truly meets the unique requirements of your operation without compromise. Whether you own a small local shop, restaurant, bar, or another type of establishment, purpose-built POS solutions provide a streamlined experience for your specific industry. Solutions like Bonsai, Lightspeed, and Harbortouch offer advanced yet easy-to-use platforms at affordable price points with outstanding support. Though Square and Square POS work for some businesses, they lack certain capabilities or charge excessive fees that make them impractical choices for others. An open and objective perspective will lead you to identify the POS partner most able to support your business's goals today and into the future. There are options beyond Square and Square POS crafted to suit your particular needs. When the time comes to select a payment and point-of-sale solution, keep an open mind. Evaluate all providers, not just the popular brands, to ensure you choose a POS system focused on your requirements, not superficial qualities. A POS designed specifically for your industry and the size of your operation will serve as a foundational tool far more impactful than a generic one-size-fits-all platform. Discover the possibilities that lie outside of Square and Square POS. The ideal POS for your business may await among other purpose-built, yet underserved, solutions on the market. Do your due diligence to find a partner grounded in knowledge and experience to empower your business's success for years to come. Alternatives to Square and Square POS exist to better suit your unique needs as a store owner. The choice is yours.  
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