7 Best Retail POS Systems to Buy In 2023

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7 Best Retail POS Systems to Buy In 2023


Today, retail stores can select from a huge selection of POS systems. But retailers often get confused when it comes to choosing the “right” point of sale system that meets their specific needs. Ideally, a compact POS system should help retailers maintain flawless inventory, provide shoppers with multiple payment options, and maintain solid contract terms. An impressive point-of-sale system should provide retailers with eCommerce features, like a loyalty program and gift card sales. And when these elements come together, it allows retailers to attain and retain a massive customer base. Most of all, the best retail POS of 2023 should make it easier to process transactions, check sales history, and review inventory in detail. So, what is the perfect criteria to select a POS for a retail store? Focus on essential features, use cases, simplicity, flexibility, and price to choose the best POS for your retail location.  Let’s break down the seven best retail POS systems you can buy in 2023:
  • Bonsai POS

Bonsai is a cost-effective, smart, and robust point-of-sale system. Whether you’re starting a new retail store or run an established enterprise, you can implement Bonsai to streamline your business operations. Bonsai offers top-notch functionality without a high price tag. Retailers can use Bonsai’s built-in features to review business analytics on the go and handle online ordering from a smart mobile or tablet device. One of the hallmark aspects of Bonsai POS system is that you can customize it based on your retail store needs. Unlike most POS systems, you can get familiar with Bonsai POS quickly. Overall, Bonsai is an intuitive, unified, and simple POS system that packs a solid punch. For $69 a month, you can implement the Bonsai POS system and run future-proof retail store operations.

Why You’ll Like Bonsai POS

  • Allows real-time customization based on the expectations and needs of retailers
  • Synchronizes data for redundancy and functionality
  • Keeps data secure and safe
  • Modern functions and capabilities
  • Multiple payment options with real-time analytics
  • Allows retailers to set up easier and faster
  • Works for a wide range of businesses and professional services
Learn more information about Bonsai POS and get a quote today!
  • Lightspeed

Lightspeed is one of the best point-of-sale system solutions you can get in 2023. Most of Lightspeed’s features and capabilities are designed in service of retail businesses. From integrated inventory management tools to advanced loyalty programs, it is a perfect fit for retailers. Lightspeed now helps retailers sell goods online. So, If you run in-house retail operations and want to build an online presence, you can use Lightspeed to expand your overall operations. With Lightspeed eCom, you can create an online store easily and sell the products. You can also maintain multiple retail stores from a single dashboard.

Why You’ll Like Lightspeed

  • Employee management time clock
  • Seamless and layered payment processing
  • Smart accessibility for retailers
  • Use a smart tablet system to speed up retail operations at peak hours.
  • Personalize retail point-of-sale system set up
  • Revel

Revel POS system is ideal for retail stores and restaurant establishments. If you want to streamline your storefront and stockroom operations, you’ll find Revel's point-of-sale system highly effective. Revel is also a more comprehensive POS system than others. It offers a broad range of features and is equipped with built-in tools that make it easier for businesses to centralize in-house operations. With Revel, you can improve your payment processing and order management. The point-of-sale system also features a solid loyalty program. In the retail space, you can use Revel to simplify administrative tasks and run smooth operations. Revel provides valuable insights that you can use to learn more about your customers and improve their in-store or online experiences. Revel works as well as it does because it stands out from most POS systems. It is designed to provide added flexibility and accessibility to businesses. You can use Revel in “always-on mode” to run retail operations even when you’re offline or experience a slow internet connection. You can also tap into Revel’s on-the-go feature to review sales operations and progress when you’re not even at the store.

Why You’ll Like Revel

  • Built-in CRM loyalty module to improve customer experience management
  • Touch functionality when you bill transactions or access the dashboard, etc.
  • All-in-one digital solution to improve business productivity and customize features to meet your requirements
  • Shopify POS

Shopify point-of-sale system is an iPhone and iPad-supported application that makes it easier to manage in-house and online store operations from a single platform. Shopify POS falls under the umbrella of Shopify eCommerce products, which allows retailers to manage their business operations from anywhere. With the Shopify POS system, you can track your inventory across multiple channels, apply discounts, accept different types of payments, process refunds, and email receipts to customers. Once you implement Shopify point-of-sale system, you’ll want to integrate compatible hardware. Whether you’re just starting a retail business or running an established enterprise, you’ll find Shopify POS a powerful tool. Similarly, Shopify involves a quick learning curve. You’ll get the hang of how to manage payments through a debit or credit terminal in no time.

Why You’ll Like Shopify POS

  • Supports over 100 global payment gateways
  • Easily manage your online eCommerce store
  • Synchronize retail and online customers
  • Offers a unified interface to run centralized retail operations
  • Clover

If you’re looking for a POS system featuring a layered collection of point-of-sale system hardware, then you’ll find Clover an attractive option. Apart from retail, Clover is designed to support different types of businesses in different industries. For instance, if you have basic hardware requirements, you can upgrade or newly implement the Clover POS system for your retail store. You would also dig Clover since it is incredibly easy to set up and use. With Clover, you can count on seamless and instant data syncs. Clover syncs data on a dedicated dashboard that makes it easier for retail owners to review information. Clover is an all-in-one point-of-sale system to run eCommerce operations. You can get the Clover Go app to accept payments, text receipts, and create orders on the go. You can also check the entire history of retail transactions.

Why You’ll Like Clover

  • Team management
  • Highly Customizable
  • Customer engagement
  • Gift cards
  • Built-in payments
  • Square

With Square, you can get hardware and software solutions for your retail store. Right off the bat, you’ll notice that Square helps businesses accept customer payments. Designed for retailers and restaurants, the Square is a perfect service-based POS system. Instead of having predetermined and standard pricing, this POS system charges retailers based on the extent of their business operations. If you run a large-scale retail operation and have had a significant increase in business sales, you’ll have to pay relatively more to unlock the advanced features of Square. If you run your retail operations in Spanish, you can implement Square to translate software and hardware functions and capabilities. Whether you want to run store operations in English or Spanish, you can choose the preferred language you want to run your retail business operations.

Why You’ll Like Square

  • Smart and detailed reports
  • Ability to manage inventory from anywhere
  • Extensive integration
  • Pricing based on transaction
  • Use one account to run multiple retail outlets
  • Vend

Vend works as a cloud-based POS system to manage retail operations. It allows you to manage, report, and grow your in-house and online retail business. With Vend, you gain multi-retail capability that allows you to review and manage your online and in-store operations. While you can use Vend on PC or Mac, it works best on an iPad. On top of smart device compatibility, Vend offers added functionalities to support complex inventory management, customer loyalty, and analytics. With Vend, you can transform your product management by organizing and managing data effortlessly.

Why You’ll Like Shopify POS

  • Supports the online store management
  • Compatible with multiple smart devices
  • Impressive customer data management
  • Solid multi-task management
  • Manage operations offline


The best retail POS system allows retailers to manage inventories, kickstart customer loyalty programs, and sell on-premise and online seamlessly. You should also take into account hardware requirements for retail POS system and make sure it offers flexible contracts and suitable payment processing rates. Once you implement the most compatible POS system for your retail store, you’ll notice an increase in revenue, a newfound ability to achieve goals faster, and improved customer loyalty. Instead of mindlessly choosing a POS system, develop your criteria to select a perfect POS system for your retail store. If you understand your needs, you should be able to narrow down your choices. Focus on the features you need to run optimized operations in your retail store. If you run a small retail store, consider whether or not a POS system is affordable.
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