5 Best POS Equipped With Drive-Through Ordering Systems

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5 Best POS Equipped With Drive-Through Ordering Systems


If you run a Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) or drive-thru operation, it can be challenging to find the ideal technology that best fits your needs. Today's small and mid-sized businesses need to prioritize cash flow and profit, which means looking for the point-of-sale system that provides the most value for your money. Drive-thru restaurant and cafes are investing in a suite of technology solutions, such as drive-thru POS systems, and drive-thru concepts that deliver a seamless customer experience across the entire customer engagement lifecycle for the drive-thru channel.  A point of sale for drive-thru operations is ideal for streamlining and optimizing business processes and is your top choice when considering a shift to new operating systems since it can considerably speed up workflow, boost efficiency, and drive sales. When the speed of service and customer satisfaction are at the heart of your drive-thru or quick-service restaurant business, you need the best POS for drive-thru operations that can keep up with the industry and help you grow and accelerate.

Need for a POS for Drive Thru Restaurants

As a quick-service restaurant manager or owner, you have likely dealt with inaccurate orders, slow lines, and outdated technology. You are not alone. With such a demanding and busy operation, your drive-thru POS system must restrict customer wait time to less than 60 seconds. 

Integration with Other Apps and Systems

Gone are the old days when consumers ordered only from the conventional drive-thru window. Any QSR now has to accept orders from various food apps, such as Uber Eats, GrubHub, and Doordash to stay competitive.  Although many legacy POS systems do not provide such integration, upgrading to a POS for drive-thru restaurants could help you completely integrate these third-party food-ordering apps into your business.  Many POS systems can also integrate with other systems, such as kitchen display systems, and digital menu boards. This can help drive-thru restaurants and QSRs streamline their operations and boost efficiency.

Speed of Service 

Drive-thru restaurants and quick-service restaurants need a quick and efficient ordering process to ensure that customers are served in a timely manner. In a fast-paced and dynamic environment, a point of sale for drive-thru restaurants can speed up the ordering process, reduce mistakes, and improve customer satisfaction. 

Inventory Management

A POS system can help QSR and drive-thru restaurants track inventory, ensure that they have sufficient supplies on hand, and reduce waste.

Sales Tracking

A POS system can track sales and offer valuable insights into customer behavior, such as which menu items are popular and when sales are highest. This information can help drive-thru restaurants make informed decisions about pricing, promotions, and menu offerings.

Best POS Systems Equipped With Drive-Through Ordering Systems

There are many point-of-sale (POS) systems available for QSR and drive-thru restaurants, and the best one for your business will depend on your specific needs and preferences. We will look at the 5 best drive-thru POS systems, so you can get a better idea of what can help optimize and streamline your operation.
  • Toast POS

Toast POS is a popular choice for drive-thru businesses, especially cafes, and restaurants, due to its speed of service, order tracking, customizable menus, and integration with other systems. With a free baseline POS system subscription and attractive pay-as-you-go options for hardware purchases, Toast is an ideal option for all restaurant types.  Your customers will enjoy the ease of use and intuitiveness of this system as well since it gives the option to access loyalty points via the popular Toast loyalty program. 

Speed of Service

Toast POS is designed to help restaurants and cafes process orders quickly and efficiently, which is especially important in a drive-thru setting where customers expect fast service.

Inventory by xtraCHEF

Toast has replaced its built-in inventory management system with xtraCHEF by Toast. xtraCHEF integrates with many other POS and accounting systems, including QuickBooks. xtraCHEF includes real-time ingredient tracking, accounts payable automation, and vendor and purchase order management. 

Customizable Menus

 Drive-thru restaurants usually have unique menus compared to their dine-in counterparts. Toast POS allows restaurants to easily customize their menus, including adding or removing items, creating combos, and modifying prices.  Modifier menus can also be nested and forced in progressions. This keeps your screens tidy and ensures that you never forget customizations like meat temperatures.

Multilocation Tools

Toast is ideal for growing restaurant and cafe brands. Using this POS system, you can track multiple locations from one convenient dashboard and save time.  Toast also supports multiple revenue centers, allowing you to track in-house sales, drive-thru, catering, curbside, takeout,  delivery, or any other order type that your restaurant or eatery offers.


  • Top-of-the-line reporting suite
  • Rugged, robust  industry-grade hardware withstands heavy use
  • Online ordering options
  • Insightful, restaurant-specific HR and payroll tools


  • Hefty contract termination fee
  • Two-year standard contract
Toast POS is a robust, intuitive, and flexible system that can be customized to the unique needs and preferences of drive-thru restaurants.
  • Upserve POS

Upserve POS was developed by the popular POS developer, Lightspeed. The best thing about the Upserve POS system is that it was developed specifically for restaurants, offering all the features and functionalities you'll need to run and manage your food service business or drive-through restaurant with efficiency.

Ideal for a Variety of Restaurants

The POS system is an excellent solution for a variety of restaurants, such as quick-service restaurants, bars, fine dining establishments, cafes, bakeries, breweries, and more, which would benefit from advanced reporting capabilities, employee training, order management, and extra features like reputation management.

Check and Order Management

You can use Upserve to start checks on tabs or tables. You can also create customized floor plans that match your bar or restaurant and take orders and payments tableside. With Upserve, it is possible to include in-depth recipes for each menu item so that your bartenders and servers can double-check ingredients and recipes when questions arise.  You can print orders in the kitchen on impact printers or a convenient kitchen display system (KDS) screen. 

Employee Training Mode

Another important feature is Upserve’s employee training mode. Your employees can practice Upserve POS workflows, like creating/managing checks or taking payments.  New employees can get familiar with the system and its workflows without worrying too much about committing a mistake or interrupting daily operations. 

Upserve Live 

Upserve can be used in multi-location businesses because of the nifty Upserve Live tool. You can leverage Upserve Live to monitor each one of your bar or restaurant locations and get a quick overview of performance at each location.


  • Loaded with restaurant-specific features
  •  Helpful quick-serve mode
  • Works on iPads or proprietary Android tablets 
  • Unique reporting capabilities
  • Transparent pricing 


  • High upfront cost
  • Revel Systems 

Revel is one of the leading iPad point-of-sale systems in the industry, highly-rated for its sleek, modern interface, and versatile feature set.  Revel POS for drive-thru businesses integrates all business operations, sales, and customer channels into a single convenient dashboard so that you can get the insight you need at a moment’s notice. Revel is a top-notch POS solution for quick-serve and drive-thru restaurants, whether you manage a multi-location business or run a single-location restaurant or bar with a self-service kiosk.


Revel’s dashboard provides a centralized location to view data and get insights on your business performance. Also, you can customize a customer-facing display in order to make ordering and dining simpler for your patrons.


You can customize the POS system to fit your drive-thru business, no matter the type. For instance, Revel POS has features and configurations suitable for pizza restaurants, breweries, coffee shops, and bakeries.

Loyalty and Marketing 

Revel boasts loyalty tools in its baseline POS. You can use the system to randomly generate loyalty numbers or use customer telephone numbers.  You can also choose to reward based on the number of visits, dollars spent, or the purchase of specific items. 


  • Integrated customer-facing display
  • Multichannel capabilities
  • Integrates with many popular payment processors 
  • Top-notch combo-building functions 
  • Complete offline functionality


  • Must sign a three-year contract
Revel’s payment solutions are secure and fast. You can use cash, credit cards, and gift cards. Revel’s point of sale for drive-thru businesses has an amazing feature set that makes it one of the best drive-thru POS systems.
  • Lavu

Lavu POS is another excellent choice for drive-thru restaurants and QRSs due to its order tracking, integration with other systems, and reporting and analytics capabilities. Lavu is an excellent system for managing multiple restaurants from one platform. 

Robust Hardware

Lavu POS leverages top-of-the-line restaurant technology and hardware, including digital menu boards and self-serve kiosks. This makes order-taking and transacting considerably more convenient and quicker.

Customer Management

Lavu POS for drive-thru businesses creates detailed and comprehensive customer profiles that track contact info, birthdays, and other information. Customer profiles also synchronize with Lavu’s built-in loyalty tools.

Lavu Payments and Payment Processing

You’ve the option to use Lavu’s built-in payment processor, Lavu Pay. However, you can also integrate it with third-party payment gateways like PayPal or Worldpay.  Lavu Pay accepts mobile wallet payments such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, and contactless near-field communication (NFC) payments. 

User Interface 

The system boasts a modern and sleek user interface, which you can personalize or customize in various ways in order to meet your restaurant’s needs. 


  • Operates on Apple iPads
  •  Highly customizable 
  • Permits third-party payment processing
  • Choose between built-in payment processing or third-party payment processing


  • Glitchy offline functionality 
  • Relatively limited hardware options
  • Oracle MICROS Simphony

Oracle MICROS Simphony is a customizable cloud-based offering from the renowned POS brand Oracle. This POS for drive-thru operations combines Toast’s industry-grade hardware with the streamlined and reliable drive-thru management of Revel Systems.  Micros POS is one of the leading point of sale (POS) systems for hotel resorts, restaurants, bars, cafés, and even casinos. The Oracle POS software provides reliable, stable, and secure payment management services to meet your needs.

Real-Time Reporting and Analytics

Simphony POS will compile and organize your restaurant’s data in the form of dashboards, providing you with real-time reports and detailed analytics that are simple to understand. 

Labor Management and Scheduling

For many restaurants, manual staff scheduling can be time-consuming and tedious. This restaurant scheduling and POS software enables managers to schedule staff shifts with real-time forecasts and updated employee data. 


With MICROS Simphony POS, you can benefit from inMotion. It is a mobile application that allows you to access your business's analytics and reports from anywhere.

Inventory Management

Inventory management simplifies and streamlines the stock management workflow. Simphony POS also connects with your suppliers and vendors, empowering you to identify pricing trends, open invoices online, complete reorders quickly, and develop menus.


  • Robust drive-thru management tools 
  • Centralized multilocation reporting 
  • Supports three payment processing options
  • On-site server option


  • Customer support can be lackluster
  • No free baseline subscription or free trial
Micros POS system is a staple in the restaurant and dining industry because of durable equipment, user-friendly inventory management, and fast service transactions. 

Final Thoughts

All of our top five POS-equipped drive-thru systems have the features restaurants and bars need to operate effectively, including booking system integration, delivery app integration, and payment processing. You can use this information to create a list of needs, evaluate your options, and find the system that matches your needs and budget.
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