5 Best Gas Station POS Systems to Compete in 2023

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5 Best Gas Station POS Systems to Compete in 2023


If you operate a gas station, you know and understand you do a lot more than pumping fuel. It is not surprising that many gas stations double as convenience stores and even restaurants. Your gas station may sell various goods, such as snacks, lottery tickets, drinks, alcohol, and even freshly made kitchen items.  It can be difficult to manage all these aspects of business, especially without a reliable and efficient gas station POS (Point of Sale) system to organize and manage them. It is essential to have a secure gas station point-of-sale system that not just processes payments but can also help manage your daily operations. The best gas station POS for your business will help you offer a wide variety of services and products to your customer base since modern gas stations provide so much more than merely fuel. With the right gas station POS, you can improve sales without worrying about tedious and repetitive tasks thanks to the amazing features that modern gas station POS systems offer. 

What’s a Gas Station POS System?

A gas station point-of-sale system helps business owners accept various types of payment, like credit and debit cards and contactless, mobile payments. The best gas station point-of-sale system will automate, optimize, track, and streamline your inventory, and operations.  Unlike generic point-of-sale solutions, specialty gas station POS platforms deliver industry-specific capabilities to meet your needs.

Need for a Specialized POS Solution

There are four key challenges when running a gas or petroleum filling station. These include large volumes of transactions, inventory management, security, fuel routing, and logistics. The average gas station gross profit is only 15 cents per gallon and gas retailers and gas station owners receive a small fraction of the price listed on the sign and their net profit per gallon is about $0.03 to $0.07 –after accounting for costs, such as labor, insurance, and utilities. Because of such a slim profit margin, you can’t afford to get it wrong. The margin for error is very low. However, before you think about buying a POS system for your gas station, you should consider a few things. Are you replacing your current gas station POS software or starting anew? Why do you need to buy a POS system?  By devising a plan of action, you will ensure that the hard work and time spent to source and implement a POS system don’t go to waste.

5 Best Gas Station POS Systems in 2023

Gas stations and filling stations process a massive volume of transactions daily. Also, each transaction might include different items, such as fuel, lottery, and cigarettes, which makes things complicated.   Ideally, you would like a gas station point-of-sale system that can easily sync with all your locations, provide real-time inventory management, generate specific reports, and has top-quality fuel controllers. Also, you should consider safety controls, and pump alarms. Here are our picks for the best gas station point-of-sale systems.
  • AccuPOS

AccuPOS is a robust POS application that integrates with several accounting systems, such as Quickbooks, and is designed and developed to serve retail, counter-service, or full-service restaurants as well as hybrids of both.  The best thing about AccuPOS is that it is accessible on many devices, such as PC and Android. This means that you can browse a wide collection of durable and affordable hardware and choose what best suits your gas station and your employees.  Some of the notable features of AccuPOS that are especially valuable for gas stations and filling stations include:

Pump Integration

You will be happy to know that AccuPOS can integrate with your gas pumps, allowing customers to pay for their fuel at the pump with their credit or debit card. This can help reduce long queues at the cashier and enhance customer satisfaction.

Inventory Management

AccuPOS will help you track inventory levels for items you sell in your gas station, like beverages, cigarettes, and snacks. This can minimize the risk of stockouts, helping you make more informed purchasing decisions.

Ease of Training

When you hire a new employee, you need them to start using the gas station point of sale system accurately and as early as possible.  Gas stations and convenience stores depend on getting staff up to speed immediately. The AccuPOS POS software has an intuitive interface that your employees can master in a brief period. 

Age Verification

Does your filling station or gas station sell age-restricted products such as cigarettes or alcohol? If so, AccuPOS can also verify the customer's age during the checkout process, helping ensure compliance with local laws and regulations.

Integration with Other Software

AccuPOS can integrate with QuickBooks, Sage 100, and Sage 50 ERP. This allows users to save countless hours spent on double-entry. Having all the financial information synced and ready saves you a lot of time during the tax period.


  • Full accounting integration
  • It is user-friendly and simple to navigate
  • Robust stock management that allows you to keep track of your stock levels and sales in real time.
  • Flat monthly fee
  • Provides detailed reports that give you insights into your gas station's performance, including sales trends.


  • Can be quite expensive, especially for smaller gas stations.
With many desirable features like speedy accounting integration and comprehensive stock management, AccuPOS is a powerful and versatile POS system that can be a valuable tool for gas stations and petrol pumps looking to improve efficiency and streamline operations.
  • LS Retail

With LS Retail, you can benefit from a reliable and intuitive point-of-sale system that allows you to manage your business, and access data remotely. LS Retail POS is designed for use in a variety of industries, including gas stations.  LS Retail is among the best gas station POS systems for fuel management. The system offers three different gas station POS systems to meet your needs. These are LS Central, LS First, and LS One. The system also boasts other features, such as payment processing, and business intelligence.

Fuel Management

LS Retail POS system allows gas stations to manage fuel sales and inventory in real time. This can help prevent overstocking and shortages. The system also supports various fuel pricing strategies, such as loyalty programs and discounts.  And with wet inventory control, it is possible to get an automatic reading of tank gauge information and deliveries. Also, you can manually add non-automated data, including tank dip readings and delivery notes.

Centralize Pump Control

Your cashiers will have full control of the pumps. For example, they can authorize, stop, pause, and lock/unlock pumps. 

Convenience Store Management

Besides fuel sales, you can also use LS Retail to manage convenience store sales with features, such as inventory management, and pricing and promotions.

Reporting and Analytics

LS Retail point of sale provides detailed reports and analytics to help gas station owners and managers understand sales trends, monitor employee performance, and track inventory levels.


  • Integrated system
  • Top-quality fuel monitoring capabilities
  • Insert and edit several pricing systems across your inventory
  • Widely used by many industry professionals
  • Automatically replace wet stock (fuel).


  • You may have to pay an additional subscription fee for payment processing.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 powers the backend for inventories and customer resource management. This integrative POS software offers an effortless answer to business problems like pump control, and back-end marketing structure.
  • NCR Radiant

Did you know that the NCR Radiant POS system is being used by over 61,000 businesses in 18 countries worldwide? NCR Radiant has two different products for gas or petrol stations and convenience stores. These are NCR Storepoint and RPOS. With Storepoint, you can take care of commercial fuel operations, like fuel management, wet stock management, pump POS integration, and inventory.  On the other hand, you can integrate your convenience store operations with other customer touchpoints at your gas station through RPOS. 

Fuel Pump Integration

You can integrate NCR Radiant with fuel pumps to streamline and optimize the payment process for customers. This allows customers to pay for their fuel and other purchases at the same time.

Various Payment Options

The system accepts debit, credit, loyalty, and fleet cards. Also, outdoor pumps can handle mobile, EMV, and contactless payments.

Inventory Management

The system can easily track inventory levels in real time, alerting managers when items are running low. This allows them to order more as needed.

Loyalty Programs

The system boasts loyalty program features, allowing gas stations and petrol stations to offer rewards and incentives to repeat customers.


  • Fuel pump-specific and self-checkout features
  • EMV, contactless, and mobile payments
  • Supports food service transactions
  • Accepts loyalty, fleet, credit, and debit cards
  • Pump marketing programming


  • Mandates the use of proprietary hardware
  • Verifone

Verifone’s reliable line of POS hardware is well-known, especially among business owners who own a travel stop with diverse offerings, such as gas pumps, souvenirs, and food to order. You will also like the system if you own multiple gas stations. 

Verifone Site Controllers

The system supports more than 60 fueling positions of a single dispenser type. It can also integrate up to 36 workstations. 

Payment Processing

Verifone point-of-sale systems can accept a variety of payment methods, including credit and debit cards, mobile payments, and fleet cards.

Kitchen Management System

Self-service and food-service kiosks boast a built-in kitchen management system so orders can be directly sent to the kitchen.

Loyalty Programs

Verifone POS systems can support loyalty programs, enabling operators to offer rewards and incentives to customers.


  • Manage up to 64 pumps
  • Carwash capabilities
  • Industry-specific collaborations


  • Requires Verifone hardware 
With powerful and reliable processors in its POS systems and site controllers, PCI compliant and EMV-ready software, you can depend on Verifone POS for the best in uptime, scalability, and reliability.
  • Gas POS

Gas POS is one of the rapidly-growing truck stop POS and gas station POS systems. Gas POS uses an interchange pricing methodology to handle payments. This means that your cost will vary depending on various factors, such as the expected yearly sales volume, transaction type, and transaction size.


When you choose Gas POS for your gas station, you will benefit from a US-based helpdesk.

Accepts Fleet Cards 

You can accept all fleet cards with this POS system, including over-the-road (OTR) cards like Comdata® and Comchek®. 


You will enjoy a ten-year warranty on Gas POS hardware, with the exception of instances of device tampering and natural disasters.


  • Free hardware
  • Accepts fleet cards 
  • Enjoy 24/7 assistance and help desk support 


  • Pricing can be perplexing

Final Thoughts

When considering a point-of-sale system for your gas station, you would like to consider features, such as fleet card acceptance, inventory management, and employee scheduling. We have discussed the best gas station point-of-sale systems that can keep your business running smoothly.
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